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We use exciting new technology called 3-D Parametric Modeling (AKA Virtual Jewelry Designing) to design your jewelry on a computer screen right before your eyes. Watch your piece come to life and know exactly what it will look like before you buy it. This new software simplifies the design process, expands the options and helps you feel more secure knowing that you’ll be getting the exact piece of jewelry you’ve been longing for.

What makes the program so special, as opposed to going into any jewelry store and picking out your favorite style? It’s not just a matter of selecting the metal of the band and the basic 4 Cs (color, cut, carat, clarity) of the stone. It goes far beyond that: right before your eyes you can change the width and style of the band, the height of the stone placement, and dozens of other design elements. You can even see the ring in 3-D on a virtual hand with the nail polish color of your choice!

Nothing beats this method of truly designing your own ring. If you don’t quite have that perfect ring formed in your head yet, you can choose a style from our vast inventory selection as a starting point and make alterations from there. Play around with us and create your own designs, from sophisticated engagement rings to flashy fashion pieces.